Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Make Money Online

I know there is a craze going on about the making money online topic, but I thought I'd ad by 2 cents in by how you can make a tidy sum on the net. So here we go:

Making Money By Paid Online Surveys

I've done a little research and in the United States alone, companies spend over 250 Billion dollars a year trying to convince consumers to buy their products and services.

While the majority of this is spent on advertising approx. 800million is spent on this thing called "market research".

The big companies want to know what people like, how they shop, and why they buy certain things. When the big business have this knowledge they can improve their types of products among other things. This will in turn help them make more money.

Now, people don't want to take surveys and help those business do they? So companies through in an incentive, CASH, to entice you to complete those surveys. Some companies even pay you up to around $150! That is a fair bit for just completing some forms eh?

But whatever you do DONT sign up for survey scout it is the biggest scam in the world I have looked around and 98% of people say it is a scam. So be careful with online surveys, best to go for the free ones.

Online Games

We all love our computer and console games, I know I do. But wouldn't it be great to earn a decent amount of money from it? Sure WOW (World Of Warcraft) has Wow gold you can sell but its a lot of work to start of. The game I recommend is the fairly new 3D world game called second life. People can explore, build, socialize, and participate in their own economy.

Second Life has its own currency – Linden Dollars that can be earned in pretty much anyway they can in the real world (and plenty of others that aren’t available in the real world).

The beauty about Linden dollars is that they have a real word value and can be exchanged for real US dollars which can be paid into your bank account via Pay Pal. Some people I know make a nice real world extra income from Second Life, a few actually make a full time living from it. Now wouldn't that be nice you could quite your 9-5 Job with that horrible boss and earn triple the money at home!

Well I am kinda new to Second Life so my way of making money is a bit old and you don't really play properly ;. What I am talking about is camping where you sit in a chair at a club or casino and you get paid linden dollars for it, it's only 4-6 an hour for 20minutes and I think you need to be a member of a group to do it but you can add yourself.Now you could just leave Second Life running all day but they have a system where it logs you out if your idle for 20mins, now you don't want to be clicking around sitting at a computer all day do you? Thats were scripts come in they trick Second Life into thinking your doing something when in Real life you could be sleeping, at work, with friends. I believe Phoenix Utorid has a copy of that script so just IM him and he'll be happy to help.

You can then go on to buy real estate, land, build casinos and hotels and make even more money. I'm not quite up to that stage but there's plenty of help at Second Life's website.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing allows you to make money online without a web site or products.

Affiliate programs are a great way to get started in an online business. You can sell them via a web site, blog or email (although to make top money you will need a web site). The top Affiliates make a great living from this and there are thousands who make a decent amount of extra cash each month.

Basically, being an affiliate earns you commission by reselling other companies products or services. The transaction and payment is handled by the Affiliate Network. You don't have to develop a product, stock inventory, deal with orders, shipping and/or customer complaints. All you need to do is get people to click on your affiliate link. Google Affiliate is a good choice

An affiliate link will usually be a unique code you add to a URL link to the the merchants web site. This code tells the merchant that the visitor has come from you. If someone clicks on this link and purchases the product you will get a percentage of the overall price paid to you as a commission. The percentage can vary from single figure percentages to over 70%. Now that is very profitable

Well thats what I got for now but I might add a bit when I find out some more stuff so keep looking back. Man that was a lot of typing, biggest post I've done. I'm off to stretch my fingers..


Mathew said...

Yeah your right survey scout is scam my friend tried it and they never returned his money, second life sounds like a good idea

Gary said...

Some of those online surverys are suss like you dont get money just entered in to online draws were you almost never win